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Up in the morning August 28, 2007

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While Andre was in the hospital, I was getting up very early in the morning to set the house right before the kids woke up. It was great to have that quiet time before the sun came up to just move around and do what needed to be done.

I’ve been trying to keep that habit going, but haven’t been successful. I set my phone to alarm for nice and early, snooze it quite a few times and then read the news on it until it’s definitely NOT early anymore.

Today, I’m UP and I’ve cleaned the bathroom. Next: start some laundry and see about running the broom through the living room, maybe some quick dusting too.

It’s such a nice productive time, I hope that I can make this my routine.


Dad’s home! August 10, 2007

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Andre’s home!

Turns out much of the problem may have been the super antiobiotic they were having him take — it caused his general feeling crummy, bad taste in mouth, and (ultra) poor appetite, which likely led to other symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and weakness.

Oh, my poor guy.

Also, the reason for this third hospitalization is that they’d taken images of his tummy awhile ago and then again on Tuesday the 7th. The second CAT scan showed the same figures/masses they’d seen previously and they became anxious that they were abscessed infection. This admission was to do a procedure to draw those out by a needle into the tummy procedure and to follow up with more super drugs to protect or cure any infection that was in there.

Labs came back and the abdominal ‘stuff’ was negative for any type of bugs at all! yay! So, this morning, Doctor declared, “go home, I’m not treating anything that’s actually wrong….”

I finally feel so much relief – I haven’t been convinced at any point up to now that Andre was actually ok, but now all the test results and Andre’s general demeanor point in the same direction.

Driving home I was nearly overcome with relief and happiness. This is a good day.


Third try’s a charm August 8, 2007

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Andre is back in the hospital, for removal of abscessed infection from his tummy.

I am so worried and worried.

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Mobile blogging August 6, 2007

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Stream of consciousness from on-the-move.

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2 More Weeks

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Kids start to school August 20.


This summer has gone by unbelievably fast – heartbreakingly fast.

Two rained out attempts at camping, and two scary visits to hospital by Andre and the summer’s gone, just like that.

As a mom, I get back-to-school-y too. I plan on being on top of all the stacks of multi-colored paper that comes home from school, to volunteer, to not ever get worked up over the kids’ homework.

Usually, that lasts until October — and then I fall back into feeling like an out of line 4th grader whenever I go to the school. Avoid eye contact with the teachers, dread ‘homework time,’ and live for the extended breaks around the holidays.

Ok, I exaggerate. But only a little.

Mason’s very excited to get back and is confident that second grade is going to be great. Andre bought him a little math workbook at the drugstore yesterday and he was thrilled to get cracking on it! He did a couple of worksheets with me and then determined he was ready for bed. But, after a few minutes in bed I heard him sneak downstairs to get the book. I think he did about 3 more in bed by the light of his closet….

Img_9398_2Claire just finished LaCrosse and was 99% ready to give it up after this season. But at the final practice/game, it was just a group of girls in her age and skill category and she enjoyed a lot more time on the ball. She’s declared she’d like to stay with it. I’m thrilled. She’s getting started young enough with this that she’ll be able to really differentiate herself from others after a couple of seasons…. building those kinds of skills in soccer these days is tough unless you’re willing to invest in highly competitive leagues.

Marcus is excited to start Junior High. And I’m frantically nervous. Actually – I’m not that quite freaked out, but I do worry. He’s mostly optimistic and positive and I do hope that a new school and a new support team for him will help him have a much more positive year than last year. He’s such a gem — and that just all gets lost in the pressure of performance and rote shuffle of ‘education.’ He’s an amazing self learner, but gets no credit for it because he doesn’t perform in concert with the rest of the class.

I’d get nowhere professionally if I simply acted in concert with others. My own differentiator, professionally, is driven by out of the box thinking.


Once, a friend told me that life doesn’t get any easier but it does get more rewarding.

Yep. …and… ….Yep.