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I scream! You scream! October 27, 2007

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We all scream for ice cream!

I had a great little post composed and then my browser choked when I tried to add photos.

So: photos now, details later.


Yay!  Camino worked where Safari let me down.

So, Mason saw this in the Hammacher Schlemmer (sp?) catalog and has been trying everything he know in order to buy it.  Finally, between his allowance and left over birthday money he had the dough.

We checked eBay to be sure we couldn’t save a few bucks on it but they were either selling for about retail or they were used.  I wasn’t sure I wanted a used one — who knew if it’d been cleaned up nicely or if there were mystery ingredients (and germs) stuck in little nooks?

Last night after work I just had the idea that we should go check and see if a local shop had one in stock.  THAT’d all least save us shipping and handling.  And… they did!

We stopped at the market on the way home and picked up the ingredients and immediately got busy whipping it up and then had to stop: the freezer bucket had to chill in our freezer for 12 hours!

Mason was devastated.  I was disappointed too.  So, we decided to have ice cream for breakfast!

It was a little odd to get up, turn on the coffee pot and then start the ice cream maker but it all turned out yummy.  The machine is very simple, runs fairly quiet, takes only about 15 minutes (or less, ours froze up a bit too firm), and clean was legitimately easy.  Mason will be able to use this on his own after another try or two.

We used the full fat ingredients for our first run because I figured they’d behave the best in terms of freezing up creamy and such.  That, and they taste good!  Our strawberry ice cream tasted the like the Strawberry Fluff my mom used to take to church dinners; something like whipped strawberry marshmallows!


This is so sweet… I have to post it! October 23, 2007

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The cutest cute photo I’ve ever seen:


In cute-speak – get ready to squeeee!


Soccer Soccer Saturday…. hiatus until Spring October 21, 2007

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The kids had their final games this weekend.  It’s been great to see them grow their skills and mature into the game and also into themselves.

Here’s ClaireBear with friends on the side lines.  She typically plays ON the field for two quarters, and then OFF the field (still playing) for the other two.
Stella is always overjoyed when we take her along, and then serenely takes it all in… usually too dignified to even acknowledge the other doggies along to view their kids.  (I know… what’s up with the rotated picture?  Oh, well.)

Mason’s team received their medals right after the game…  Img_0995


Pun’kin Pancakes

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PumpcakesI like to get little seasonal items to mark the holidays.  Andre and I don’t go all out for any holiday of the year, but like to add little touches as we mark each of them.

Of course, that’s often with food or food items: a particular food… or a food prepared in a particular way, like using a special cake mold…. or just using a special serving dish, like the monster candy dish (I’ll have to picture here later)

This year I found these cute little pancake molds — non-stick, no less!  So, this morning, we started another little holiday ‘tradition.’  Not all of them always stick around from year to year — but at the very least, they all connect one to another and are a great way to start conversations about "when I was a little boy/girl."


Student of the week

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Student of the week
Mason is the star student this week and gets special roles in the
class as such. One thing he gets to do is bring in the counting/estimation items.
Since halloween is nearby, we went for a selection that reflects this
spooky time of year. These are chocolate eyeball candies, filled with
either fudge, caramel, or peanut butter. The reference jar has ten items, and the estimation jar has 47. More
than enough to share at the end of the week!


Autumn walk October 14, 2007

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Autumn walk
We passes by a prairie preserve area we hadn’t been to before and
decided to stop and explore. It was nice! The air was cool but not
chilly; on our walk we saw two garter snakes and several varieties of
flowers still barely blooming.

The kids were squirrely and wouldn’t take “nice” pictures. I still
like how these turned out.


Fall has fallen! October 9, 2007

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Finally we’re experiencing weather that’s more autumnal.

Or: We can finally eat stew!!

Here’s Mason today – building a fort in the park sandbox while Claire was in soccer practise.


For my birthday today, we had dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill. YUM! Thank you, Ted Turner.