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Sumpin’s happening February 4, 2008

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Oh. My. Gosh.

Today’s been something else:
At work I found a couple of software bugs and a moderate server connectivity issue. Unfun – mostly because I can’t fix this stuff myself and often those I rely on aren’t available for quick (i.e. instant) resolution.

Mason had viola today. Ahhhhh. I love it. He does great; the lesson was the high point of my day.

We get home and the sump pump is going non-stop. This is my Worst Nightmare Ever: getting water in the house. So, I ask Andre how long the pumps been going and going like this – he answers oh, it was on when we left to pick (me) up….. like 2 1/2 hours ago.

A quick look outside (wearing my brand new Dansko clogs — I can’t believe I didn’t put my boots on first!) reveals that the sump drainage tube is buried under a lot of snow and frozen through and through at the end closest to the house. Yikes!

Another quick look under the house shows that the sump is working great! Only, because it can’t drain outside of the house, it’s all just blasting out of a join in the pipe somewhere above ground level and the top of the crawl space. I had brand new water-feature in my house. Bleh.

Andre’s still a tiny bit baffled. I mean, when the going gets tough, who doesn’t want somebody else to take charge?

I take a flashlight and a screwdriver outside and loosen the drainage pipe and water starts jetting out of the port at high pressure. Yay! And my feet get soaked.

I wrestle the sump tube – South American Anaconda Wrangler style – up to the tub and run hot water over it to thaw it out.

Oh…. and I did love the effect when it all thawed and just released and gushed out into the tub. (That I’d scrubbed just yesterday). Talk about catharsis.

By now I’m in my excellent boots and hike the whole thing back outside and screw it all back together. Major crisis averted. As far as I can tell, the only issue we have is the wet insulation in that corner of the crawlspace – no water made it into our living area at all.


I pour a (large) glass of wine. No sooner do I sit down at the computer than I hear shrieking from the kitchen.

Andre, who’s making a lovely hot and sour soup had warmed our little plastic jar of Thai Chili Paste so as to get the last little itty bit out.

Upon opening the release of pressure sent chili sauce onto my ceiling….. the inside of any open cupboard, the floor….. and Andre’s eyes. You know: the ones he makes a living using? Yeah, those.

So I change gears and go into to decon mode: strip down and get into the shower and STAY THERE for at least 15 minutes. I’m not sure what it is, but 15 minutes really is the magic number and usually its exactly enough to ease the pain in the eyes.

Double sigh. And — I haven’t even had a sip of wine!

Oh – and to make it all especially nice – Mason accidentally tipped a jar of soy sauce so that the tip was just over the edge of the counter, and didn’t even realize it. So he’s standing there not even realizing there’s a quickly growing puddle of sauce right at his feet and elbow!

That little mess was just a 2 paper towel situation, thankfully.

Dinner was excellent, Andre’s fine, and I couldn’t more relieved that our sump situation was as minor as it turned out to be.

Here’s a picture of my new shoes that I Love: