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Two full days of head down studying March 30, 2008

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And an 84% on my stats mid-term.



Checking in March 29, 2008

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We’re all alive and kicking – just very busy.

This is a photo from December 2007: Andre ran into Trader Joe’s for groceries and we hung out in the car watching YouTube on my iPhone.  This is a self portrait of Mason and I, taken by Mason?  Me?  Me.  I think.


Spring is possibly maybe finally here.  The irises are making a good show on their way up and out of their sleep, but no sign of the daffodils.  They’re in a slightly shaded spot and are always the last to go of our neighborhood gardens.

Kids are doing well – Mason’s still at viola though losing interest fast: his teacher has had a streak of illness and logistic challenges resulting in nearly a month of missed lessons.  These will all be credited back to us and hopefully we’ll get back on track after Spring Break (underway this week).

Claire is doing fine in school though based on our experience, 4th grade is kind of the ‘lost’ year.  She’s become ambivalent about her old soccer team – the park district/volunteer coaches aren’t highly motivated or competitive which makes for a relaxed season – but Claire would like to increase her skills and win a bit, too.  We’re not signing her up for the team this year and will have to find a good substitute.  LaCrosse, maybe?  She’s taken a shine to her violin again as Andre promised that if she stays with it through 5th grade, he’ll get her into guitar lessons.  I think that’s a nice deal.

Marcus is getting by in the last trimester of 6th grade.  He’s pretty comfortable and happy with school and life – which is great news.  However – we’re all getting worn down by all the busy work of performing for school standards — I haven’t seen so much Elmer’s glue and colored pencil since the kids were in preschool.  I really wish I could get them think critically about their actual education objectives (let’s call it ‘cake’) and their nice to have "outputs" that demonstrate the objective – the colored pencil brochures and other similar projects (which I’ll call ‘frosting’).  I’m so frustrated that the school appears to truly believe that the frosting IS the cake.


But, as I said, Marcus is happy and at this stage in life – that’s great news.

I’m up to my neck in homework.

Andre’s gearing up for a busy season.

That is all.


Mason is So Cool March 15, 2008

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Mason is So Cool
Mason likes to draw fantastic creatures and stuff; lately he’s been
into masks. He’ll draw a collection of masks and then a variety of
characters and then put them all together by drawing various of his
characters each in a mask.

He decided he needed to buy one. There’s an import store in town…
Its mostly jewelry but the owners mom had collected a lot of African
and Polynesian art. The shop keeper is very fond of Mason and lets
him go see her personal collection.

When Andre took him out to try and buy something I honestly figured
he’d go see some neat stuff but wouldn’t be able to afford any of it.
Instead, he came home with this! He bought it fair and square; he
even negotiated the price because he found a couple of small holes.

The owner is completely charmed by him and has invited him back to
sketch her collection anytime he wants.

I think its all just neat. Mason is neat.



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Masies slippers

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Masies slippers
Lil brought me these nice slippers and Mason surprised me by going
just nuts over them!

Since my 8 year old kiddo has feet the same size as me, I went ahead
and let him have them. He does truely love them and sometimes runs up
to his room to check on them.

He wants a coat that looks like sheepskin, too now.


Oh! Have you seen my kids?

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Oh!  Have you seen my kids?
They were here just a moment ago and now I can’t seem to find them!

Wednesday night, March 12th.


Sunset March 3, 2008

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Claire took this photo just before dinner. We’re all enjoying these
signs that spring is around the corner.