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La Hacienda in Bolingbrook July 30, 2008

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Mason and jacob July 29, 2008

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The boys have spent the past few days making their own batman movie.
Today, they finally found the makeup they’ve desperately wanted all
week long.

I think this is so


What a surprise! Found this old movie today… July 28, 2008

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Just watch – what an unexpected pleasure to find on the computer today.  <Happy Sigh>


Game Night July 22, 2008

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Played Rodeo-opoly with the kiddos tonight.  They did good!  

Mason counted all the money in the bank and Claire tried any wheelin’ dealin’ approach she could think of.  She’s gonna be a wretched Monopoly opponent one day – just like her slum lord daddy.  Ha!



Miscellaneous Thoughts July 21, 2008

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Marcus baked us “Ugly Dumplings” for dessert last night from a recipe he learned during 6th grade.  He made them perfectly and I was honestly impressed at how well he did them.  I need to remember to allow him more freedom, independence and neat-o contributions.

Mason is preoccupied with making lots of money.  I need to figure out how to teach him a little more about finances soon.  He also promised me that he’ll live with me forever.  While that may not actually be true – I’ve known since he was the size of a grape that he’d be the one coming home to take care of me when I’m old.  I’m still pretty sure that’s true.

Claire won’t live with me, but plans on buying the house next door so she’ll have room for all of her animals.

The family that owned our home before us raised three daughters – one that did buy a home in the same neighborhood.  In fact, our owners only moved because their daughter built and bought a home in the next suburb over and they wanted to keep the same closeness of their homes.  I hope we’re raising our kiddos for that same kind of closeness and hope that life allows it – with jobs, etc.


Marcus hosts pizza night July 19, 2008

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Featuring meatball pizza, yum!photo.jpg


Claire Stars in Small Indie Film

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Claire did this movie on the iMac and I just happened across it.  Weird, but interesting.