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Today, replaced oven ignitor. January 24, 2009

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Ate lasagna for dinner. Yum!photo.jpg


No Worries January 12, 2009

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Mason only just learned to tie his shoes.  I figured he'd learn at one point or another and in the meantime we had plenty of lace-free shoes to choose from.

Until our last shopping trip.  Mason has bigger feet than I do, and at that very mature grown up size, third grade appropriate shoes without laces are very hard to come by.

We looked through their entire inventory for quite awhile and then Mason pulled me aside, "I have to talk to you about something" he said.  "I don't know how to tie shoes, so none of these will work. …. and I really like these"  He pointed to shoes-with-laces.

I promised him that we'd figure out tying the shoes in no time and that he'd be fine to go ahead with that particular pair.

It took him a few days and more than once he had to really supress his frustration as he tried multiple times.  But he finally got it.

Tonight at scouts, his leader commented to him that his shoes were untied.  Mason dutifully set to tying them right up.  When he was done he asked the leader if she'd noticed how quickly he'd taken care of that little chore … and then explained to her that this was his first pair of lace up shoes.  

He was so proud of himself — you know that quite smile of pride and growing confidence that our kids make.

My heart got all goo-ey and happy.  And even though his scout leaders dressed as Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal) and Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader) — AND I have pictures of said leaders….

This is the only picture of the night that matters to me:

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You! January 11, 2009

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Today is Marcus’ half birthday.

A few weeks ago I realized with a shock that soon he would be a TEEN ager and that we have, as of today, only 5 1/2 short years with him as our dependent kiddo.

— I almost have to take a break from typing to breathe into a sack just at the thought of this.  Yikes!

I’ve also been increasingly aware of how fast life goes and that we can’t keep letting days and weeks go by without consciously marking our love and commitment to each other in some way.

So, as a little gesture, I decided that we should observe half-birthdays.

Today was Marcus’.  We got him a card, some cupcakes, and cooked him a glorious breakfast for dinner: homemade Belgian waffles, sausage links, scrambled eggs and orange juice.

Over dinner we took turns wishing Marcus well on the last half of his 12th year and then switched gears to telling riddles.

I think the sentiment was well received.  I’m looking forward to rest of our un-birthdays coming up in quick succession: Andre tomorrow, Claire in February and Mason in March.

What fun!


Girl time January 10, 2009

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Claire and I are participating in the Secret Keeper Girl study at church.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was a little worried it'd be a bit too 'girl-y' and cute – it turns out I'm so glad we signed up!

The theme is to set aside time for Moms and Daughters to talk about God's plan for each of us and to emphasize that as children of God,  we're his precious princesses.

This week we talked about how we're all beautiful in our own way and that our true beauty comes from the Lord.  We gave each other hand massages and shared the things we admired about each other.

The time itself was pretty simple and the activities weren't that big a deal — but taking the time to sit and talk about such important topics was awesome.