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Joshy Was Married March 31, 2009

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December 2008  Congrats Josh and Kaycie!


Satisfactory Sunday March 29, 2009

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The weather was marginal, so we opted for one of our favorite ways to pass time: hangin' out at the bookstore. 


Claire and I took a little side trip to Claire's to buy some new earrings.  These were a reward for helping so fabulously with last weekends chores.  I like the Eiffel Tower ones!

Yah – the kids aren't always happy to help me out with pictures.  I think I've got a dozen photos of this shot here…  Oh, well.  I'll get 'em some other time!  This is at the Naperville Carillon.  Did you know it's taller than the Statue of Liberty?  Wow! 

Claire at the Riverwalk.


Claire again.  I can't decide if I prefer the color or the sepia…OhClaire_2

I like shooting feet!  These are Claire's.



Two Brothers’ Brewery March 28, 2009

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Visited Two Brothers' Brewing Company today.  Here's what we saw:



This is Gabe.  He hosted the tour.  Mason took this picture; nice job Mason!

This is our neighbor Jake.  He likes making and drinking beer.  Mason also took this picture: way to go!


This is Stephanie & Marcus.  Stephanie likes drinking beer; Marcus likes when brewery tours are finished.  Mason took this picture, too!

This is Mason drinking Root Beer.  He likes to remind us that he drinks 'beer' too.


10,000 Easter Eggs

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Our church sponsors a huge Easter Egg hunt and fair each year.  Today we helped stuff TEN THOUSAND eggs, made baskets, and helped with spring cleaning in the kids' worship area.

Saturday Soccer

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Had to bundle up for this one.  With wind chill it was something like 27 degrees out.


Over a hill, and past a dale, and in a cottage in the shire… blah blah blah blah

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I tried more than once to read The Hobbit and never could get past the first two pages…

However, since I did see the movie – this seems a likely place to see Hobbit, eh?

The towering Mammoths of doom were my favorite.  No, the rhino things.  No, the catapults.  No — actually, it was the panicked, furtive 'Hey, guys…. Some help here?'  look the eye of Sauron made right before it went down.

Hooray for movies!


What’s it? March 27, 2009

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I thought this was an old planter – turns out its got some grinding mechanism in it and once had a useful life.  Maybe for corn?