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Hello, Holly June 30, 2009

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As a girl, we had hollyhocks growing along our entire back fence.  They were interesting and confusing to me: these tall, fuzzy-leaved girls that never got cut and brought into the house….
I’d forgotten all about them until two summers ago when I passed a house that had dozens of them on the back of their property.  I loved them instantly!
Last year I bought one and put in the ground in my front garden; she grew and grew and grew…. and ended up not giving me any blooms.  I suspected I’d put her in the ground too late in the spring and that maybe next year I’d get my payoff.


And did I ever!

Lil June 29, 2009

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In the Garden June 28, 2009

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We’re trying our hand at gardening for the first time this year.  We’re following the recommendations in the book by Mel Bartholomew; check out the website

The results so far have been inspirational and amazing!  Our tomato plants are over 4 feet tall.  We’ve got two cherry tomatoes , two Roma, and one ‘Big Boy’ variety.


I’ve finally figured out how to properly snip basil:  choose your leaves and snip just above the next set down.  The plant will bush out at this point, as it will send out new leaves on each side of stem from where you snipped.

Does that make sense?  I hope so!  (Maybe I should post a photo!)


Both our cucumber plants are doing fine.  Our little ‘runt’ is finally reaching for the trellis and it started to grow in height.  Pictured here is the pickle  plant.



Summer Saturdays, Spent Serenely June 27, 2009

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My Daughter Writes Me Love Notes June 24, 2009

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I will treasure them forever:



Anna & Larry Danced the Tango like they Invented it June 22, 2009

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Anna and Larry were married on Saturday and held their reception at the Chicago Cultural Center.

They danced the Tango for their first dance and did so brilliantly!  Not only did they dance perfectly – the happiness and enjoyment on their faces was beautiful.

More photos from their day and favorites from their engagement session are at Andre’s weblog.  (That’s Andre shooting in the background!)


Happy Flip’n Fathers Day! June 21, 2009

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Found the Flip video recorder on sale through and KNEW it was the perfect Father’s Day gift!

We’ve all enjoyed trying it out; here’s Claire: