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Boys caught crayfish August 23, 2009

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Went for a walk along the river this afternoon while the kids walked THROUGH the river finding tadpoles, crayfish and mussel shells.

The boys each caught a crayfish; the larger one pinched much harder than I ever imagined for a critter of that size…




Lazy Sunday June 7, 2009

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Fancy Dress Day June 3, 2009

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Marcus dressed to the nines for the last full day of school; I barely had time to get this photo on my phone before he headed for the bus:



Bugs and Such May 26, 2009

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Marcus and Claire found some interesting critters on our hikes on and around Mt Baldy and through Cowles Bog:


This dragonfly had just emerged from its chrysalis.  We were able to watch its wings dry out as it sat on Marcus' finger for about three minutes before finally flying away.
Marcus & Dragonfly

This millipede curled up when Marcus picked it up, but soon uncurled and began exploring the terrain on Marcus' arm and hand

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You! January 11, 2009

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Today is Marcus’ half birthday.

A few weeks ago I realized with a shock that soon he would be a TEEN ager and that we have, as of today, only 5 1/2 short years with him as our dependent kiddo.

— I almost have to take a break from typing to breathe into a sack just at the thought of this.  Yikes!

I’ve also been increasingly aware of how fast life goes and that we can’t keep letting days and weeks go by without consciously marking our love and commitment to each other in some way.

So, as a little gesture, I decided that we should observe half-birthdays.

Today was Marcus’.  We got him a card, some cupcakes, and cooked him a glorious breakfast for dinner: homemade Belgian waffles, sausage links, scrambled eggs and orange juice.

Over dinner we took turns wishing Marcus well on the last half of his 12th year and then switched gears to telling riddles.

I think the sentiment was well received.  I’m looking forward to rest of our un-birthdays coming up in quick succession: Andre tomorrow, Claire in February and Mason in March.

What fun!