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Could Not. Nope. Not possible. Never happen… August 28, 2009

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Absolutely positively no way I could love this guy any more than I already do.

He’s going to be 10 in a coupla weeks; the thought of it nearly stops my heart.

He’ll always be my squishy, huggy, silly, sweet, deep thinking baby.


Living larger than life in his spider-man socks.


Boys caught crayfish August 23, 2009

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Went for a walk along the river this afternoon while the kids walked THROUGH the river finding tadpoles, crayfish and mussel shells.

The boys each caught a crayfish; the larger one pinched much harder than I ever imagined for a critter of that size…




First Fruits August 7, 2009

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A couple years ago we stuffed our tummies with wild raspberries while hiking in a nearby forest preserve.

The kids – especially Mason –  were thrilled to pick and eat food outdoors.

Mason’s been asking that we plant raspberry bushes in the yard – and I know just the spot!

We can’t plant until we’ve torn out some old fence and replaced it (scheduled for later this summer) – but we’ve already bought a raspberry plant we found on sale.

Tonight, Mason enjoyed the first fruits from his plant:

Berries for Mason


Mason & Jack August 3, 2009

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Mason’s been hanging out with a friend whose dad has determined to keep him OUTside all summer long.

A couple days ago, Mason asked me, “Would you mind much if I was hanging out with boys who picked up snakes?”

I replied, “Are you and Finn the boys that pick up snakes?”

Mason: “Yes”

I told him that I didn’t mind as long as he always remembered that the snakes probably felt a little nervous and he should be sensitive to that.

Fast forward a few days more.  I’m in the bathroom.  My mind… is on other things.

I wash my hands and open the door, headed to the laundry room where I’ve heard the dryer stop.

And scream.  Like a girly girl.  A screaming girly girl.

Because Mason has this in his hands:


Turns out he hasn’t just been picking up snakes.  He’s been watching them UNDRESS.

And knows them on a first name basis.

The specimen above, for example, was given to him by “Jack.”


Good thing I was headed to the laundry room…  cuz I had some “wash” to do…


Lazy Sunday June 7, 2009

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Webelo Ceremony May 31, 2009

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image captured by Andre Vospette


The Things They Said May 26, 2009

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Mason found his Puppy Pillow!  It was bundled into a sleeping bag he'd used a while back.  We didn't realize it was in there because we'd just rolled it into an old duffel bag rather than roll it up and stuff it back into its original pouch.  Because the duffel had so much spare room in it, we didn't even realize there was a stow away.

He made up a little song – it went something like this: "… I love my puppy pillow so much.  I will keep it in my clutch! ….."  

He carried it over a 4 1/2 mile hike through bogs, over rivers, across a dune and up to a beach:
Puppy Pillow

Another funny little quip:
Claire was washing up in the camp bathroom – it had those polished metal 'mirrors' over the sinks.  She commented they were like Barbie House mirrors, with those shiny foil stickers….