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Mission 6 & Pure NRG at EFCN last night May 9, 2009

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Mission 6 was the opener – they did a great job!


Girl time January 10, 2009

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Claire and I are participating in the Secret Keeper Girl study at church.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was a little worried it'd be a bit too 'girl-y' and cute – it turns out I'm so glad we signed up!

The theme is to set aside time for Moms and Daughters to talk about God's plan for each of us and to emphasize that as children of God,  we're his precious princesses.

This week we talked about how we're all beautiful in our own way and that our true beauty comes from the Lord.  We gave each other hand massages and shared the things we admired about each other.

The time itself was pretty simple and the activities weren't that big a deal — but taking the time to sit and talk about such important topics was awesome.